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Welcome to the Christian marriage romance site where married couples share their life with other couples through stories, poems, love letters and articles, and by making friends in the Friendship Directory.

The site is divided into five areas. Some areas are free, while others require a subscription.   Please click on each of the five tabs above to go to each area. Below is a description of each area.   A subscription is $12.00 a year.  One new benefit for subsribers is no google ads.

Marriage Romance Writings - free

Our free rated G, "Romance Writings" section is where married couples and single adults share, wedding day stories, wedding night stories, honeymoon stories, all kinds of marriage love stories, marriage love poems, marriage love letters, marriage romance ideas, funny marriage stories, engagement stories, dating stories, anniversary stories, reunion stories, we waited stories, unconditional love stories, and many other marriage romance writings.

To read more about our "Marriage Romance" writings, please click the Romance Writings tab above.

Marriage Sex Stories - requires subscription

The marriage sex stories section contains true marriage sex stories (with names changed), marriage sex fantasies, and marriage sex fiction stories. The types of marriage sex stories include wedding night stories, honeymoon stories, all kinds of marriage love stories, marriage romance ideas, funny marriage stories, engagement stories, vacations stories, anniversary stories, reunion stories, we waited stories, unconditional love stories, and many others.

The sex stories add spice to a marriage when a couple reads the stories together in bed.   In the sex stories, we allow sexual conduct that God does not condemn in the Bible, if it is safe, legal, not demeaning, not harmful, and is socially acceptable.

Please click on the "Sex Stories" tab above to learn more about how the sex stories can be used in the marriage bed to help keep passions alive.

Friendship Directory - requires subscription

The Friendship directory section provides an anonymous safe place to find like minded Christian friends.

You stay anonymous until you want the other couple to know who you are.

If you would like to get to know other Christian couples who think like you do, please click on the "Friendship Directory" tab above.

Marriage Help - free

Our free marriage help section contains articles to help married couples with life.   Articles range from help with relationships, health matters, unconditional love, prayer requests and help with parenting.

If you would like to the read articles and personal experiences on parenting, health matters, unconditional love, or the prayer requests and coaching logs; as well as practical solutions to marriage problems such as porn addiction, sexual problems, arguing and more; please click on the "Marriage Help" tab above.

Bible Studies - free

Our free Bible study section has helpful Bible studies that encourage couples in their faith and help couples with their marriage and with life issues.

If you would like to read Bible Study articles to help guide your marriage and family through life, please click on the "Bible Studies" tab above.

How Do I Subscribe?

Who May Subscribe?

Anyone over the age of 18, regardless of faith or belief in God and regardless of marital status may subscribe.

What Is The Price?

$12.00 for a year.  The subscription is not recurring. So each year you will need to pay.

What Comes With The Subscription?

Your subscription enables you to read the sex stories, you may author stories, articles and comments, and you may make new friends using the Friendship directory!

How Do I Subscribe? - To subscribe you register and pay.

To become a subscriber takes just a few minutes.  Here are the steps.

  • First register your email address and password, by clicking the menu item "Register Here".
  • We will send you a verification email with a link. You will need to click on the link in the email to verify your email address.
  • Once your email address has been verified, then click the menu item "Pay Here".

Not Sure What To Do After You Have Paid For Your Subscription?

You may read the FAQ page which has many details about the site. The question entitled "I registered and paid. Where do I go from here?" explains how to use the site.

Run Into Problems Subscribing?

If you are having problems subscribing or logging in, please give us a call at 929-256-5273 or email us at mail@marriageromance.com. 

We hope this site is a blessing to your marriage!

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