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Welcome to the sex stories section, where you will find thousands of marriage sex stories and other erotic romance writings. Writings may be true stories (with names changed), fantasies, fiction, love poems, love letters and more!  This area requires a subscription. A subscription is $12.00 a year.

All stories are positive about marriage, do not take God's name in vain, do not have negative demeaning language; and are moral by Biblical standards.

Our sex story guidelines are based on the teachings, examples and stories in the Bible along with a generous allowance of God's Grace!  In the stories, we allow any sexual conduct that God does not condemn in the Bible, if it is safe, legal, not demeaning, not harmful, and is socially acceptable by the standards of western culture.

Not everyone will want to read all the sexual content we allow in stories.  So each subscriber has reader preferences they may set to block content they prefer not to see.The reader preferences allow subscribers to include and exclude content based on 22 questions about the content of each story.

Sex stories add spice to a married couples life when they read them together in bed.

Couples who read the sex stories may learn from other couples, as couples share what works for them. When a couple reads stories together in bed it helps them forget about the troubles of the day and focus on romance and then on each other. The stories seem to especially help wives transition from a busy day, to romance, and ultimately her husband.

Some couples have reported that reading sex stories in bed can be a turn-on. This is why we make it easy to print the stories, so they can be carried to bed and tossed on the floor when passions ignite.

Many couples have commented on how the site has helped their marriage. Here is a link to some of them.

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As you are blessed by reading the thousands of marriage sex stories on the site, we hope you will consider blessing others by sharing a love sex story from your marriage.

"Stories" you write may include emotions like the happy face smiley and pictures.   When you write a story you may save it and work on it later. At the "Our Stories" link on your "Our Profile" page, you can see all your stories and edit those you have saved. We have a nice editor with many features including a spellchecker.   To include a picture in your story, in the editor, click on the Image icon and then the "Browse Server" button to pick from hundreds of preloaded pictures or you may upload your own picture.   You may click the X icon to enlarge the editor to take up the whole page for easy editing!

Once you are a subscriber you may go to your "Our Profile" menu item and set your reader preferences.  Your reader preferences will help assure the content in the stories is what you are wanting to read.

How Do I Subscribe?

Who May Subscribe?

Anyone over the age of 18, regardless of faith or belief in God and regardless of marital status may subscribe.

What Is The Price?

$12.00 for a year.  The subscription is not recurring. So each year you will need to pay.

What Comes With The Subscription?

Your subscription enables you to read the sex stories, publish your own romance and sex stories, articles and comments; and you may make new friends by joining the Friendship directory!

How Do I Subscribe? - To subscribe you register and pay.

To become a subscriber takes just a few minutes.  Here are the steps.

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Not Sure What To Do After You Have Paid For Your Subscription?

You may read the FAQ page which has many details about the site. The question entitled "I registered an paid. Where do I go from here?" explains how to use the site.

Run Into Problems Subscribing?

If you are having problems subscribing or logging in, please give us a call at 929-256-5273 or email us at mail@marriageromance.com. 

We hope this site is a blessing to your marriage!

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