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Title: "Sex Life improved with Better Sex Video Series "   Author: MarriageIsGreat  Date Written: 5/18/2016  Rating:

This couple tells how the Better Sex Videos helped their marriage.

Title: "Sharing A Room On The Carnival Breeze"   Author: Over60  Date Written: 3/31/2016  Rating:

It would save money, but what is it like to share a room with another couple on the Carnival Breeze?

Title: "Minute Matrimony- Part 1 of 2"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 1/29/2016  Rating:


After a tumultous relationship, which ended up leaving her at the altar, Sherry agrees to an unconventional approach to her life long dream of a husband and family- arranged marriage. Paired up by faith based matchmaker professionals, she and new husband, Caleb, navigate the foreign waters of partnership and wedding night...

Title: "Possible Impossibles"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 12/8/2015  Rating:

Two hearts, divided by the interruptions and chaos of everyday life, are brought together by a single Divinely orchestrated appointment, one that propells divorcee's, Sean and Sharla, into the mysterious unknown, where impossibilities become possible...

Title: "Golden Love- Prequel to Rick and Stephanie Friendship Directory"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 11/18/2015  Rating:


Going back to how Rick and Stephanie came to be (when we were introduced to them on the Friendship Directory with daughter Jerrica), a result of two mischevious Golden Retrievers who had run into each other on a chance meeting at the dog park, resulting in an instant connection of their owners.

Follow Rick and Stephanie's journey from single and searching to wedded and whole, reliant on God's grace and each other's love, in this prequel-Golden Love

Title: "Ocean Love"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 11/11/2015  Rating:



Diving partners, as well as husband and wife, Megan and Eric, enjoy their boating excursions about the Caribbean island, netting and releasing colorful reef specimens to the local Aquarium. He had made her dream of becoming a wife, come true, 3 years earlier and that evening she was going to make his a reality...


Title: "Conflict Resolution"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 11/9/2015  Rating:


As life takes over, leaving Dan and Tansy overwhelmed with schedules, family and imbalanced hormones, they begin to grow apart, leaving Tansy with an aching void and Dan, cold and numbed emotions, neither of which contributes to a happy marriage. One, coming-to-themselves-moment turns their heart towards home...


Title: "Are My Wife's Feelings Normal?"   Author: Annonymous  Date Written: 7/6/2015  Rating:

Husband and wife watch erotic vidoes together to help enhance lovemaking and have some observations and questions as to what is normal.

Title: "Marriage Sex Videos?"   Author: Annonymous  Date Written: 5/2/2015  Rating:

Question: Do you know of any moral video sites/dvd's.
Answer: Our approach to finding videos is based on a Biblical concept. ...
Title: "Rick and Stephanie- Friendship Directory"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 8/22/2014  Rating:

  Stephanie and Rick have found the Friendship Directory to be a welcome connection to a lasting family friendship.





Title: "Friendship Directory- Melanie and Dan"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 8/18/2014  Rating:

   http://empoweredbirth.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/49447376.jpgWith a new baby on the way, Dan and Melanie decide it's time to go on a search for couple friends turning to a popular marriage website...




Title: "Friday"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 6/7/2014  Rating:

A hot Friday night together!

Title: "Romantic interlude"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 5/7/2014  Rating:

A journey in a camper van leads to a romantic interlude

Title: "Score settled!"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 4/25/2014  Rating:

A young wife's mischief leads to her husband settling the score!

Title: "Slip and slide"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 4/23/2014  Rating:

A young wife funb with a 'slip and slide' leads to some red hot consequences! 

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