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Love Stories

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Title: "Are My Wife's Feelings Normal?"   Author: Annonymous  Date Written: 7/6/2015  Rating:

Husband and wife watch erotic vidoes together to help enhance lovemaking and have some observations and questions as to what is normal.

Title: "Marriage Sex Videos?"   Author: Annonymous  Date Written: 5/2/2015  Rating:

Question: Do you know of any moral video sites/dvd's.
Answer: Our approach to finding videos is based on a Biblical concept. ...
Title: "Bullet Proof Sports Bra"   Author: RomanceNovice  Date Written: 8/25/2014  Rating:


When we were young I used to love to buy my wife clothes.  ...  

One of my favorite things I bought her were these sports bras.  

Title: "Rick and Stephanie- Friendship Directory"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 8/22/2014  Rating:

  Stephanie and Rick have found the Friendship Directory to be a welcome connection to a lasting family friendship.





Title: "Friendship Directory- Melanie and Dan"   Author: PurePassion  Date Written: 8/18/2014  Rating:

   http://empoweredbirth.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/49447376.jpgWith a new baby on the way, Dan and Melanie decide it's time to go on a search for couple friends turning to a popular marriage website...




Title: "Friday"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 6/7/2014  Rating:

A hot Friday night together!

Title: "Romantic interlude"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 5/7/2014  Rating:

A journey in a camper van leads to a romantic interlude

Title: "Score settled!"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 4/25/2014  Rating:

A young wife's mischief leads to her husband settling the score!

Title: "Slip and slide"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 4/23/2014  Rating:

A young wife funb with a 'slip and slide' leads to some red hot consequences! 

Title: "When we get old"   Author: Older Couple  Date Written: 3/27/2014  Rating:

You know how it is when we get old?  We have wrinkles.

Title: "Romance is in the Air"   Author: Anaida Mathew  Date Written: 2/12/2014  Rating:

This is how I got engaged to my beau Rohan in a spectacular way, making it one of my cherished memories for ever.

Title: "Red cheeks all round!"   Author: trishran  Date Written: 12/7/2013  Rating:

An intimate incident in the woods leads to some very red faces!

Title: "What about the "Make Love Not Porn" Site?"   Author: Question  Date Written: 6/22/2013  Rating:

What do you know about that new site "Make Love Not Porn"?

Title: "Bob & Nancy Find Friends To Play Cards With"   Author: Bob & Nancy  Date Written: 4/16/2013  Rating:

Couples playing cardsBob and Nancy are in their mid 30's and have three children.  They go to a nice church.  Bob is a deacon and his wife helps with the Childrens ministry. 

They have been in a small group Bible study for six years.  The other couples are friendly and nice but they don't share much in common with Bob and Nancy. 

See Bob and Nancy love to play board games, card games and dominoes.

Title: "Linda Loves Nursing Her Baby"   Author: Linda  Date Written: 4/16/2013  Rating:

Linda is a nursing mom.  Before her baby was born, she was busy with her husband Jim, getting ready for their first born, fixing up the babies room, attending baby gift showers, attending Lamaze classes with Jim, and just making it from the morning sickness stage all the way to the smooth delivery.

Everything went well and Jim is the best husband she could have.  From chocolate covered pickles to massaging her back and legs, he has always been their for Linda.  Now baby Jim Jr. is three months old and sleeping through the night just fine.

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