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How can I make my Wife Love Me Again

How can I make my Wife Love Me Again - Date Written: 2/1/2005

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Title: "How can I make my Wife Love Me Again"  Author: Unknown


Why is it that when I pray everyday for you to restore my wife's Love for me she seems to get farther away from the person I fell in Love with. I pray God that you cast out all the demons that are driving her. I ask Lord that you open her eyes so that she may see the only things she needs in life are her husband and son who Love her very much and especially you. I feel like the devil is battling for her heart and soul and I am losing God I pray for your intervention. I know that you will forgive her for whatever she has done wrong and so will I so please God return her Love for me and bring her to you Lord she has been led astray you are the only one who can save her and my marriage.


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Comment by: Old Site Date: 2/9/2013 7:48:47 PM
A reader says ... I found this link by accident but I have an observation. "I ask Lord that you open her eyes so that she may see the only things she needs in life are her husband and son who Love her very much" Herein may lie the reason why she feels the way she does. i know no womann who would be happy in a relationship with this statement made from her husband. I'm sure you love your wife very much but maybe she doesn't feel respected as a person. God gave us all gifts, Is she getting too use her "talents" or having to bury them. Ask her. I don't know the details and i may be way off but that line really stood out to me and I thought maybe I could help. I wish you happiness and hope everything works out.

A reader says ... I'm a big failure as a husband and father. My wife shows no affection and seldom in bed. I don't know how to change myself. I can't figure out how to discipline my kids properly. I've very educated, but dumb in all the wrong ways. It's as though I'm trap in my personality without the skills to make changes.

A reader says ... I have a similar situation. My wife does not love me anymore. She wants to end it all. We have no kids. I love her dearly and I cannot imagine my life without her. I have prayed but not as effectively as I wanted because the thoughts of her leaving are haunting me day and night. I feel so stranded as I havent seen any answers to my prayers yet. Things just seem to get worse instead of better. Someone out there, please pray for a desperate stranger and thanks. God bless.

A reader says ... That was my prayer; and God answerd it just as you asked. Just put God first, as you have, and all things will work out for the good in the end,(but hopefully long before).

A reader says ... Thing is, you have to love yourself first. Get your self together and be happy with who you are and where you are. Here's a trick, if you can do it. Live your life to the fullest and if your wife is with you , grand. If not, well it won't matter because you're happy already.

A reader says ... I'm where you are so I feel your pain. Pray,pray,and pray. Ask God for restoration. You have to forgive

A reader says ... Kevin, I am not married with her but I love her very much. We used to go out, but we split up and now she doesn't love me anymore but I can't get over her. I still see her because we have a little boy who is now 2. How do I get her back?

A reader says ... I really tired of this story.....I live it.

My wife became so utterly disapointed with me that she had an affair with our neighbor. I can look back an blame myself, drinking to often, staying out late ect... I've cleaned up my act and for the past three years have been the perfect husband and yet the flame or spark has gone. My wife is searching for something that doesn't really exist ...utopia. I on the other hand feel completely trapped. With 2 kids, a house and wife that doesn't work I'm completely stuck unless I go through the financial nightmare of a divorce. Not an option snce I'm a child of a divorced family and i won't do that to my kids. So I'm stuck...stuck in this miserable relationship and life....

A reader says ... I feel for you and pray for you as well as my own marriage

A reader says ... i know how you feel kevin, my husband is cheating on me with my best friend and i don't know what to do.

A reader says ... Great is only God knows the answer dont give up praying

A reader says ... Your prayer is beautiful Kevin. What I have learned in my life experiences is God really works in mysterious ways and I believe he exists. Many things happen for a reason in this life, sometimes bad and sometimes good but we are all here to learn certain things from God through life experiences. To be honest my life is in real bad shape right now because of financial difficulties, I have also lost a son, business, home and now losing my wifes love after 15 years with 3 children. I know why love has dwindled for me, but is all this my fault or were these things out of my control? I am sure one day God will answer all my prayers and questions only when I am ready to learn what lessons he has set before me. Just remember that God has a reason for everything sometimes we see it right away and sometimes we dont. My advice is never loose your faith in God or think he is not listening to your prayers. Maybe God needs certain things from us before he can intervene to set things right.

Anthony Vincent


A reader says ... Sir,

You sound much like my husband. And In my heart somehow I believe you are. I love my husband very much and know it is hard being the head of the household; not only naturally, but also spiritually. As a wife, it is not a matter of falling out of love, but what is happening around you. Romance is key, communication is essential and just looking at what she may or may not be doing is the wrong thing to do. As for me, I began to look at myself and what I needed to change about me. I am still learning what needs to be changed, but I am changing none the less. Pray that God will give you the peace you need through this transition.
Somehow, our lives are intertwined. Know that she does love you, but circumstances can change a woman's outlook on everything.

God Bless You,

A reader says ... I have no idea who you are, but I feel similar. My prayers have been to not only break her, but break me as well. God needs to change me and her so that we will be more open to each others needs. Often we look for what our parents modeled even when we thought we wouldnt, and we act in ways that encourage responses we hate.. Sounds stupid I know, but I am living proof... Counseling is really a good move.. Either single or together. My wife is living with her parents and we have a daughter on the way.. Its hard, but one thing remains certain of the future, if I stick the trial out, and I follow Jesus in all that I strive for, things will work out for the best. There are 3 wills in a marraige, God's, yours, and the sposes. All 3 have to be one to make it. In His forknowledge He knows the sposes choice no matter what happens, and know that God hates divorce so He will try to keep marraige alive.. Do your part and make yours self a stronger person and stronger Christian for God, yourself and your family. Maybe she will notice, maybe not.. but you did your part..


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