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His Needs, Her Needs

His Needs, Her Needs - Date Written: 5/1/2004

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Title: "His Needs, Her Needs"  Author: Unknown

An extraordinary book on marriage is, "His Needs, Her Needs".

Each Chapter focuses on a need that either the husband or the wife has. We recommend that every married couple and single contemplating marriage read this book.

We are not affiliated in any way with the author of this book. However we strongly recommend you buy and read the book. This book can really help a marriage in which both the husband and wife are sincere about making the marriage work, but have different ideas of what is fair in a marriage.

Here are the Chapter headings.

1. How Affair-Proof Is Your Marriage?

2. Why Your Love Bank Never Closes

3. The First Thing She Can't Do Without - Affection

4. The First Thing He Can't Do Without - Sexual Fulfillment

5. She Needs Him To Talk To Her - Conversation

6. He Needs Her To Be His Playmate - Recreational Companionship

7. She Needs to Trust Him Totally Honesty and Openness

8. He Needs a Good-Looking Wife An Attractive Spouse

9. She Needs Enough Money To Live Comfortably Financial Support

10. He Needs Peace And Quite Domestic Support

11. She Needs Him To Be A Good Father Family Commitment

12. He Needs Her To Be Proud of Him Admiration

13. How To Survive an Affair

14. From Incompatible To Irresistible

Appendix A: The Most Important Emotional Needs
Appendix B: Emotional Needs Questionnaire
Appendix C: Additional Forms
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