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My Husband Spanked Me Infront Of Our Children

My Husband Spanked Me Infront Of Our Children - Date Written: 2/1/2006

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Title: "My Husband Spanked Me Infront Of Our Children"  Author: Unknown


This is really embarrassing but the other night I called my husbands mother a [bad word] he flipped me over his knee and gave me a bare bottom spanking right infront of my three sons in grade school and teengage daughter. Ever since I cannot even imagine coming back to my own home to face them since I left for a few weeks to live with my sister. What should I do and even though I am leaving out very important details and am making him out to be the bad guy I am sure you will help. So help!
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Comment by: Old Site Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:08 PM
A reader says ... Is there any feedback from the lady concerned about what eventually happened here?

A reader says ... Spanking your wife, apart from consensual spanking in fun and for foreplay, is not right. She is a wife and not a child, therefore spankings which might be considered 'punishment' are not on. If the husband was in the habit of giving his wife bare bottom spankings, then this constitutes abuse. Certainly, the children could be very damaged by seeing their mother hurt and humiliated in front of them. The Bible says, "Cursed is the man who covers his wife with violence" (Mal 2;16 marg) No woman should have to put up with this. There needs to be a radical change in behaviour from him if the marriage is going to work. He needs to learn to love and respect his wife as the Bible says. She, of course, may need to make adjustments in her behaviour towards him too, especially if this incident was provoked by her belittling him.

A reader says ... Spanking should only be used by "consenting" couples. And should never be exhibited to others, especially children.

A reader says ... If this is normal behavior for him then he is abusive or maybe even into porn and a spanking fetish. Whatever the reason this was totally and unbelieveably inappropriate. What type of church are you in? Is it one that teaches male headship to the degree of being both a parent and husband? That is cultic and spiritually abusive.

A reader says ... Are you leaving out details here? If your husband did this as you say then it would be inappropriate!

A reader says ... I would call the police and report the incident and charge him with assault and battery. He needs to learn to respect you or else go to jail.

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