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Why You Should Stay With Your Husband Who Looks At Porn

Why You Should Stay With Your Husband Who Looks At Porn - Date Written: 3/28/2013

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Title: "Why You Should Stay With Your Husband Who Looks At Porn"  Author: Shepherd

Here is why you should stay with your husband who looks at porn. You should stay with him because as he gets older his sex drive will eventually match yours.  At age 18 a young man is at the peak of his sexual desire.  From there on it goes down and he gets wiser and eventually it may end up lower than his wife's sex drive.  Her sex drive continues to increase until it levels of at 35 or so.  Please read this article to help understand your husband.  Stay with him!

5 Key Ways Sex Changes for Older Men

However here is what is best for a married couple.  The husband and wife should both save their sexual energy for when they are together.  Women like to watch TV and read romance novels and men like to look at porn.  And both with say it has nothing to do with sex or sexual energy.  Well if you both agree and it does not bother you that he looks at porn, and it does not bother him that you read romance novels, then that is fine.   However it bothers you or him, then agree on what you can both do together instead of porn and romance novels.  Or one night read the romance novel together and then the next time you want to have sex look at the porn together.  Try to incorporate your "romance"/"porn" activities into your love and sex life.  You will both be more full filled that way.

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