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My wife wont make love to me or nothing.

My wife wont make love to me or nothing. - Date Written: 1/1/2007

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Title: "My wife wont make love to me or nothing."  Author: Unknown

Hi, My wife and I have been married almost 5 years and we have been together for about 8 years. We have a 7 year old daughter and we both would die for. The problem that I am having before we got married she cheated on me once that I found out about. We separated for a month and I told her that I would for give her and she said she did it because I wasn't wanting to get married and she wanted to find someone who did. I don't think that was a good excuse to sleep around on me but I forgave her and we got married about a year later. After we were married I found out that she was cyber sexing and having phone sex with some guy who lived about 400 miles away. Again she blamed it on me because I was working to much and not spending enough time with her. I took my daughter and moved out. I felt sorry for her because she wasn't working and none of her family wanted to help her because her sisters and brothers are half brothers and she grew up in foster homes.

Her mother past away about 6 months before this happened. She couldn't pay the bills and they gave her an eviction notice and she called me crying saying she was sorry and she loved me and she wanted to work it out. I told her this was the last time and I let her move into me and my daughter's trailer that I bought close to my job. Everything was going fine for about a week when she said she was going to stay with a girlfriend who is worse then my wife and I told her if she goes she needs to take all of her stuff. She didn't go. I helped her get her drivers license, GED, and a full time job making as much as me.

She doesn't work 40 hours a week about 32 and I work 48+ a week and I kept the house clean while she got used to working again now it has been about 6 months and she don't do nothing except work. She won't clean, she won't make love to me, and she doesn't even show affection towards me and she blame it on her past. She sleeps on the couch and she blows all her money without trying to help. What can I do PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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Comment by: Old Site Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:31 PM
A reader says ... Thanks for sharing. She needs to get saved. If she would turn her life over to God she would begin to love those who care for her. Keep loving her and showing her God's unconditional love. I hope you are a Christian too and I hope you both will go to church regularly and read your Bible regularly together and pray together. God bless you.

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