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Promise to my husband

Promise to my husband - Date Written: 7/1/2009

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Title: "Promise to my husband"  Author: Unknown

I am just this woman who would remain sincere and honest to you, would always be there and to show love and compassion when ever it's needed and to support you in the difficult times.
I see marriage as a very important thing as it's from God. Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one. It makes us a grown up and gives us responsibilities whether those responsibilities are to feed, to love or be there. Marriage is supposed to take a person out of the hectic lifestyle and place in an organized environment giving a path to follow in life and a shoulder to lean on.

A happy life is not about finding the right partner but how long you can hang on to your partner till the very last end.True love is not about how you love your partner in the beginning but how much love you can endure till the very last end.
Yesterday is gone, no one knows tomorrow, but today is a gift.
To love is divine and to error is human, life is full of ups and downs, but strength in each other will determine life for a true couple.

Sweetheart, i promise you now and always to be loyal, loving, playful, curious, very romantic and full of life. Value honesty, faith and communication. Believe in love on first site, appreciate you as my partner and always respect your views and decisions. I know this will put me on a solid foundation to build a healthy and happy marriage with you.
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