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Loving You and Missing You

Loving You and Missing You - Date Written: 5/1/2006

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Title: "Loving You and Missing You"  Author: Unknown

I want to reassure you if I can of how much I love you and want only you in my life. Since you came into my life, I've looked forward to each sunrise, knowing that you are here to share in the day with me. You make me feel alive and passionate as no one else ever has before. I like the person I am when I'm with you. You bring out a part of me that I never knew existed, a part that was born with our first passionate encounter. And I look forward to bringing it out even more with you. You made me laugh when there was no laughter in my days. You gave me a reason to live; now I have a cause, a reason to believe in all the wonderful joy life has to offer. Yes, I love you, for all these reasons and so much more. I love you for being yourself and I love you because of the person you made me.

Every night I close my eyes and dream of the day when we will be together again. No matter what you do, I can't stop loving you, and I only want to be with you every day. I believe you're my one true love and I'd sacrifice myself to have you here with me.

I want you to know that I am dedicated to our love. Thinking about you is what gets me through the day. Dreaming of our life together always gives me something to look forward to. You're my sunshine on a cloudy day, a rose among a field of weeds, and all that I am and all that I ever hope to be, revolves around you.

Never fear, and never question how much I love you. I'll love you forever without any hesitations, without any regrets. The longer I've known you, the more I've come to love you. You are always in my heart. In my life, I have never met another person who moves me like you do. You are the one who's right for me, and when you are away, I feel lost. I love and miss you so much. Sometimes, it's difficult for me to tell you just how much. I only want to spend the rest of my life with you, showing you how much I do love you.

I'll weather this storm and any future storms with you. I know we'll make it through this rough time. As long as we have faith in each other, our rainbow will shine through. Remember when the darkness surrounds us and storm clouds fill the sky, there's someone here who loves you, someone who wants to spend her life with you. I want you to believe in me, in us, the way that I do. I'm here for you to lean on.

We are apart for now and I miss you so much that sometimes I feel like I'll slowly go crazy. Even after I hear your voice on the phone, it doesn't stop the yearning I feel for you. I want you to know that life is so much better when you are here with me. And no matter where you are or what you do, I love you, and I'll always be here waiting for you.

Remember that I am always with you in spirit wherever you are. And you are always with me, carried around in my heart.

Love you always,
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